4 Beginner Vape Mistakes to Avoid!

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Of course, it is understandable to commit some errors when you are still beginning to learn a new hobby, as there is rarely some perfection in first tries. The same thing goes when you are still beginning to learn to vape. You could do a lot of errors that may lead to ruining your first experience in vaping. Do not fret though, as this is normal. Aside from choosing only premium quality vapes Huntington Station, there are many things you can do to experience the best in vaping. But, let us begin by identifying some errors that beginner vapers commonly commit. In this way, you will be more aware of these and avoid committing such in your first try.  

1.Investing in cheaper and low-quality equipment and juices 

Starting with the vaping equipment, it is very crucial that you invest in a premium and best-quality vaper that you see in the market, as low-quality equipment sometimes leads to battery issues, tank leakage, improper juice flow, clogging, and others.  


The same thing applies when choosing e-juices ingredients. Poor quality and cheap e-juices may contain impurities that can lead to injuries and bad experience in vaping.  


So, read some reviews and ask for good recommendations before starting off.  


2.Not choosing the right nicotine level 

Aside from the flavors and ingredients, there are also variations of nicotine levels that you need to take into consideration. A lot of beginners tend to try levels that exceed the capacity of their bodies, leading to unpleasant experiences. Also, if you start high, you will crave for more and more, increasing your chances of addiction. 


3.Forgetting proper maintenance 

Just like other tools and equipment, your vapers need regular cleaning and maintenance. This includes regular check-ups for batteries and coils. When you notice a build-up, it is a sign that you need ot change your coils as it affects the juices’ taste. The same thing also applies when you notice some lesser functionality, it is a sign that your equipment needs some charging. To have a pleasant experience with your vapers, it is crucially important to charge it regularly to avoid low battery issues. Turn it off whenever it is not used. 


4.You did not consider the PG/VG ratio 

The juices you use have three primary ingredients: nicotine, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG), and flavors. Higher VG means sweet liquid flow and larger vape clouds, while PG means thinner and less tasty liquid and smaller vape clouds.  


It is important that you choose what you prefer the more to have a pleasant experience in vaping. 


Final Thoughts 

So, those are the common mistakes that most amateurs and beginners commit in their first try in vaping. It is important to avoid these common mistakes if you want to experience just the best in vaping. Of course, as mentioned, perfect may not be achievable in the first try, but it is better to have a nicer experience by doing it right.  



Always take things in moderation to avoid addiction, as too much of this may lead to negative physical and mental effects. 

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