Tue 28 February 2017
By Uta

Powerful attraction and a powered turning brush bar produced exceptional pet hair cleansing over our carpeted floorings and carpets. As an upright, the Rotator Lift-Away's floorhead finished our test spot of combined Collie and Labrador hair in under 10 seconds. That would rank as a pass for a cleaner that promised pet-specific brushing chops.

The Dust-Away head is a little more complicated when it pertains to pet hair on hard flooring. If you approach rogue furballs head-on, the first suction and appropriately designed front end make sure all costs are combined.

If you have the tendency to take an angled line on your backstroke, the cleaning pad traps hairs instead of permits them to be tidied up. Then it sells the remaining hair on the first stroke, and the pad needs a de-fluff later on. Get your forward-backward version in line, and you'll have hair-free and well including floorings.

Externally any devoted pet-hair tool or powered hand tool possible, nor a dressing tool, you're limited to utilizing the cleaning brush, which is quite ineffective for removing hairs, as the fibers are only too soft.

In truth, the absence of an upholstery tool truly restricts this Shark's capabilities on couches, drapes, and stairs usually. It's such a ridiculous omission, particularly since Shark offers a well-performing broad upholstery tool for under a tenner. As the Rotator Lift-Away is a highly affordable rate, to begin with, this tool would be an excellent business property and would make the NV340 a lot more plastic expert.


With its extended 8m mains cable television and easy-to-carry lift-away field, this Shark promises to be a star entertainer on stairs. For gain access to and ease of practice the best vacuum for pet hair is. As in our pet-hair test, the absence of ours tool for picking up superimposed actions truly lets the side down.

The great suction and notable mobility absence for absolutely nothing in cleaning up power, though focusing all that through the crack tool indicated it took permanently to clean up a flight of stairs. Changing to the cleaning brush didn't enhance the concern as it's simply too soft and fragile for including up carpets.

If you have wood actions, the brush and even the Dust-Away head-- which may be too dangerously most of the times-- may immediately work for stairs. The absence of an exemplary tool for our carpeted actions indicates this is a little a stop struggling.


The Rotator Lift-Away NV340 is an efficient and flexible cleaner, however not without its concerns. Its attraction and floor-cleaning issues cannot be faulted. The style does not have the skill, and it's both cumbersome and loud to utilize.

It's most outstanding stopping production is the absence of an upholstery tool from the package, as outdoors that your carpeted stairs and pet-hair-covered coaches will go unvanquished. Insert a tenner to your spending plan for the one Shark offers separately, and the Rotator Lift-Away uses an unusual amount of cleaner for the cash.