Winix 115115 Real HEPA Plus 4 Replacement Filter

Sun 27 November 2016
By Uta

It's similar in efficiency and value to our leading pick, noisier and has slightly greater operating expense. Some duties are accessible just using remote, which can be lost. If you want to find out more, read our air purifier reviews.

The Winix PlasmaWave 6300 Air Purifier, was a close runner-up to the Coway in regards to performance and uses. It is $50 more affordable to purchase than the Coway, though the yearly running costs are rough $20 greater, so the first proceeds will run out back a couple of years of usage. Like the Coway, it was very efficient at removing particles, weak in get rid of smells. The Winix is durable, compact, and useful, like our pick, but we clearly favored the Coway for its longer back and less expensive drains.

This sounds excellent, but there is some concern that it may make trace measures of ozone and only partly break down bits to a still dangerous intermediate state, rather than fully to liquid vapor. The PlasmaWave is on by failure, given by a large fresh light on the face. You can turn it off, however just with the past. We chose to leave PlasmaWave on throughout our testing, even with it. The odor removal capacity was back.

We found the user interface available but a little cumbersome. There is a single button for picking between modes and speeds. It needs many presses to cycle through all the variations. Aggravatingly, as soon as you choose a style or speed if the power is cut off, it returns to original settings. This was not an obstacle with the Coway.

Like with the Coway, the Winix filter requires replacing as soon as a year, but the prefilters need to be changed every quarter.
Equal the Coway, and the HEPA needs changing once a year since the prefilters need regularly replacing. To access the filters, eliminate the first panel by gripping on the lower sides and pulling near you and upward at the same time, then raise the first totally free. Then you can only change out the carbon prefilter, or move both the prefilter and HEPA filter if it's been a year. Get sure to reset the HEPA filter correction sign by pressing the reset switch on the outside for three to some moments while you have the cover off.
Some users report out-gassing from the carbon prefilters for up to two weeks. This appears to differ in between different groups of prefilters. We did not observe this matter, according to Air-Purifier-Power.

While our screening, we discovered the second sensing system easy to understand, with its five-bar series of thumbs-ups that mean poor to good air quality. 

The Winix serves an excellent value, with good particle cleaning at the below purchase cost. We wouldn't consider double to support it if our first choice is tried out. These two are terrible moments as well if our first pick and runner-up system are not possible.